Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cuenca Suite

Cuenca Suite
For years, Sue has experienced recording studios in the US, yet never expected to enjoy her first recording session in Cuenca, Ecuador.  Young Pablo Lorenzo, an intimate, powerful musician and composer, also leads worship for Bill McDonald's new “unchurch” called "6:08". It meets Saturday evenings at Mall de Rio, convention room Yanacuay I.  Bill McDonald is Unsion Television’s CEO and Cuenca’s longtime missionary and friend.

We met Pablo after one of their first services. With our common interest in music, and his excellent English, we began a friendship.

One Friday evening, after dinner in our “casa,” Sue & Pablo enjoyed some music as he played the guitar and Sue was on the flute and keyboard.  Recently, Sue and Gary visited his recording studio where she recorded her first Ecuador composition, an instrumental entitled, "Cuenca Suite."

Sue has also "cooked up" a surprise song for Mother's Day in hopes to have it completed upon their return from the States. It may air on Unsion Television, as a gift for mothers in Cuenca.

Pablo has all the "state of the art" equipment for recording, even though he is stationed in a modest studio which he calls "BIG CROWD MUSIC."   He certainly has a wonderful talent for guitar, writing, singing and as a studio engineer.  It's his love!  You cannot help but love Pablo!

If you would like more information on Pablo, you can find him on Facebook:!/