Monday, January 4, 2016

Acute Care, Long Term Care and End of Life Planning in Ecuador

Acute Care, Long Term Care and End of Life Planning in Ecuador
                             Five Documents: 
1.     A will (depending on complexity of estate)
2.     Power of Attorney (POA)
3.     Declaration for remains; register of death by blood relative
4.     Five wishes form describes instructions for survivors, burial, etc.
5.     Patient data form

The Ecuadoran system assumes that the patient comes from a large family and has many nearby blood relatives.  A blood relative is required for registration of death.  A blood relative does not includes the spouse.  A Health Care POA might serve this purpose.  Declaration for Remains may be included in your POA.

Hospital nurses may resemble aids in their training and practice.  They usually do not have access to patient records, prescriptions or current treatments.  They may visit the patient every hour or two.  Therefore it is necessary to have a friend in the patient’s room to monitor health.  Two POAs are preferred since they may be called upon at any moment to request patient care or obtain information.

The POA document must be in Spanish (with English copies).  Three originals of each are necessary to cover patient and two trusted friends to manage care.

The patient data form should include the following information:
       1.     Name and Cedula number
       2. Street Address with directions
       3. Phone numbers
       4.     Primary care physician with phone number
       5.     Specialist with phone number
       6.     Blood Type
       7.     Current prescriptions; any allergies to meds
       8.   Medical history:  Current and past
       9.    Family medical history if related to patient’s condition
      10.           POA #1 and POA #2 Name, Phone number and Address

If an ambulance is needed quickly, call a taxi.  The ambulance provider will slow things dramatically requiring much medical information on the phone and upon arrival.  If immediate life-saving procedures are essential, you may want to call the ambulance and provide the patient data form.

Death Registry may require a doctor certificate (death certificate), certificate or cremation or burial, declaration for remains, original Cedula and POA.

   As usual, verify all information with your attorney. Laws and practice are constantly changing.