Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who Should Not Come to Ecuador

? Who Should Not Come to Ecuador ?

          Ecuador enjoys a unique collection of attractive characteristics, while sharing many traits of Latin America. But, we must ask the question, “Who will not enjoy living here?”
          Many of my US friends constantly make comments like:
                   “Do you have to learn the language?”       
                   “But that’s not like our beautiful mountains, etc.”
                   “How do you get used to the _____?”
                   “That sounds a little scary. Are you safe?”
                   “Won’t you miss your family?”
          It all depends on how you are wired and the size of your comfort zone. So, pause, if these questions are more motivating than the potential comments of:
                   “How exciting!  Are the people friendly?”
                   “What is the culture like?”
                   “What else impresses you in South America?”
                   “What is the weather like?”
          Ecuador requires a simpler, slower life style. We must recognize that the culture will change us, not the other way around. So, ask yourself some penetrating questions:
          Are you willing to become more flexible, and tolerant of others and yourself?
          Do you require constant focus on your family (a good thing)?
          Are you energized or frustrated by change?
          Do you want to initiate new relationships?
          Are conveniences a major concern?

Often the impressions of close trusted friends may give you an insight. “That sounds like something you would do.”  Or “You have never done anything like that before!”
          If in doubt, do what gives the most peace.

                    Come for a visit and discover yourself!