Sunday, February 26, 2012


You just never know who you are going to meet in a day.  We experienced just such a day when this morning, we attended Calvary Chapel's morning English service.  A divine introduction!  Sitting behind us with a gentleman named Mark Donham, from Portland, Oregon.

So what's so special about Mark?  Everything!  He shared with us his pilgrimage during his wife's last four years with Alzheimer's.  The disease was a genetic disorder in her family known as "Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease."  Chris' mother died at the age of 53, and her only sister passed away at age 49.  Chris passed away last January, 2011 at the age of 54.

Mark left a successful career to be full-time caregiver of Chris during the last four years in the progression of the disease.  He had always had a great interest in riding motorcycles.  Upon Chris' death, he made the decision to rent his home in Portland, and embark on a world ride with his motorcycle.

The story of his wife as well as the incredible motorcyle ride he's been on is all found on his blogsite:

Here you will find some great pictures and even learn the origin of "Radioman!"  Also, you will find some moving videos he made in his final times with his wife, Chris.  Mark is also an active voice in The Alzheimer's Association.

Mark has had over 500,000 hits during his eight month adventure.  A fellow rider reported being asked, while crossing several borders, if he was Radioman. 

Enjoy the photos of his last eight months touring the US, Canada, and South America.  We hope to see him again in July.