Monday, November 14, 2011

The Color Purple Event - Final Recap

The Color Purple Event - Final Recap

  Right after the Color Purple Event, October 4, 2011, we were scheduled to go back to the USA for one month.  During that time, I had the privilege of seeing my aging 89 year old mother who lives in Alabama and a busy time in North Carolina.  So needless to say, there was no time to update
 a final recap on the the Color Purple Event until now...

Below are pictures from the event that gives an idea of the day.  However, I want to start with a wonderful story with one of the staff members of SOLCA, after we delivered the proceeds to them several days past the event.

An appointment was made for us to see the Director of SOLCA on the Wednesday, following the Color Purple Event.  We enthusiatically carried with us, $1,360.00 as a gift to the pediatric's department of SOLCA for children with cancer.  We received a receipt for the donation.

One hundred twenty five ladies (and a few men) attended the event.  Villa San Carlos, a beautiful event center here in Cuenca, graciously discounted a delicious lunch for us (as shown above).  The lunch included tomato bisque soup, mixed green salad with crumbled cheese and a yummy dressing layered on top of Branden's "famous" bread, cookies, a special ice cream treat, and tea - all for $5.00!

The ticket price was $10.  The 125 lunches were paid for that day, and with only a small printing cost for tickets, programs, paper, etc. we were able to give the gift as mentioned above.  We sold close to 200 tickets which again, afforded us the opportunity to have a greater gift to offer SOLCA.  This is also because of the "no shows," and there were some who bought tickets as a donation to SOLCA without attending the event.

Now for the story...

The Director of SOLCA, Dr. Raul Alvarado Corral, second from the left, shared with us that SOLCA depends on gifts and support of people so they can meet many of the needs children with cancer.  The families are not able to pay for the costs of treatment and the child's stay at SOLCA.  Also, some of the parents are not able to stay with the children due to travel costs of those not living here in Cuenca.

The lady on the far left shared with us (after we presented the check to the Director) that just that morning she had gone across the street to the Pharmacy to check on how much they owed on their bill for medicine.  It was about $500.

She said the thought came to her mind she did not know how they were going to pay the bill and she said a prayer.  Then she looked at me and said, "Now we can."  And then, with tearful eyes, she looked up to convey a thank you to the One Who provided.
This was a special moment for us, especially when we were leaving, as we saw her walking across the street with money her hand - to pay the bill!

Everyone who worked with this event donated their time, talents and resources.  We all bought our own tickets as well.  The door prizes were given from the community as well as chocolates, flowers,and a special table arrangement.  Interpreters from Abraham Lincoln School volunteered their time to support anyone who needed translation at their table.

A huge thank you to these and all who attended!
 The Color Purple Event Decor - October 4, 2011

Angie Barnes, (co-chairman) and Sue Gaither

Tania Sarmiento, (left) General Manager Hotel Inca Real, Patricia, and Connie McDonald (center - wife of Bill McDonald - CEO and President Unsion Television) and our lovely Emcee!

Sandra Flores on far right of Villa San Carlos -
On left, Eulaliadole Sinchi - volunteered to greet ladies at the door
Notice the beautiful table arrangement donated for the front table at entrance

Angie, enjoying giving out door prizes

Monica of Artelier, and a snapshot of other ladies with
their purple attire! Most attendees wore purple!

Dayana and Marcela Reyes (sisters) and Ecuadorian Beauties!
Dayana (left) gave her time to interpret for speakers and door prizes!