Monday, January 23, 2012

Thriving in Ecuador - Now Published!

On Friday, we posted the opportunity to purchase our e-book:  Thriving in Ecuador:  Visiting and Living in Cuenca (©2012).   We had hoped to have it out on Kindle with Amazon, BUT ran into problems with formatting. 

So…in order to make it available, we have published it now as PDF format.  This means one can purchase it through PayPal and it will be downloaded by email as a PDF version onto a laptop or PC.
We are still working on this “Kindle thing” and hope to have our glitch resolved soon.  If you would like to purchase the e-book now, as a PDF copy through PayPal, BUT would rather have the Kindle version later, we would be happy to refund the cost of purchasing it in the Kindle version when that time comes.  We can refund it through PayPal.

The advantage of the PDF version is that it offers the colors we have used when writing our book.  And by the way, if anyone out there would like to help us with the formatting for Kindle, we would genuinely welcome and appreciate your help.
We believe a $3.00 investment in Thriving in Ecuador will reward you many times over.  We would truly appreciate your feedback.  Revisions can be made prior to publishing on Kindle.

We received our first comment on the book from an expat now living in Ecuador:
“Your e-book is wonderful and I think very useful to incoming expats.  I especially liked your sections on visas, immigration, legal systems, etc.  I think if it was more information it would have tended towards the boring so you were able to capture a difficult subject and give people adequate 'warning' without beating a dead horse. 

I think it will be a popular read for those considering Cuenca or Ecuador in general, as a retirement solution.  Congratulations on a great piece.”

Gary & Sue