Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our New Home

Dear Friends,
          " Hola" from the city of four rivers in the Andes.
    After roaming all over town last week we rented a row house yesterday
.So, with our 8 suitcases of worldly goods, we are settling into our new home. Small, but confortably furnished, 3/1.5 so we have room for guests. 
     And only $450 plus  est. water $8/mo,  gas $3/week, elect $25/mo.  Oh yes... a weekly maid- $10 for 4 hours. We get to walk every day to the produce mkt, bus stops (bus fare .25) and along the river in front of our house. Cabs are $ 1 to $3.
    Stover loves our small back yard with manicured grass, blooming roses and shrubs. Yes, all taken care of by a monthly visit by the gardener. So, half the income, but a staff of two and a personal driver (taxi).
   We have to allow more time for most things, but this is an improvement - more time to reflect and enjoy our new environment.
Daily we are amazed at the warmth and friendliness of the Cuancanos here. Our neighbors are a family of doctors. Dad is an internist and son a pediatrician. Other neighbors are friendly with their minimal English and our poco espanol.
  We went to church with Billl McDonald and Edwardo from Unsion TV -nearly all in Spanish, but we are learning. Friday evening was a bilingual home church led by a couple from So Africa.  We enjoyed sharing The Great Exchange (II Cor 5 ) and meeting several folks.
  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  See ya in March 2011.
                              Confused but learning,
                                  and... rejoicing,
                                                  Gary & Sue

First Days in Cuenca

What would you do if only two days you moved into your home you had company?  Not just overnight company, but "don't know how long you're gonna stay company" with 8 suitcases, an airline carrier and a dog to boot!

This is what happened to Jack & Claudia Johansen (left) when the Gaithers arrived in Cuenca, Ecuador November 13, 2010.

The Johansens left their abode in Oregon, USA only 10 days before.  Little did they know that the home they planned to live in did not work out and they were frantically looking for a place before we arrived.    We had planned to stay with them when we arrived but no one knew they would have such an ordeal happen to them.

But here we are....all nestled in a two bedroom home with 1 1/2 baths, two dogs (ours and theirs), with everyone adjusting to the new arrival to Cuenca.  It's been a week for sure and to follow are the highlights of such a week!

On the next morning of our arrival, Claudia had already been informed of a house down the street from them for rent.  We looked at it but weren't quite ready to make the plunge without looking to see what was out there. 

And so we did.  Read the next post and you'll find out the conclusion...