Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our New Home

Dear Friends,
          " Hola" from the city of four rivers in the Andes.
    After roaming all over town last week we rented a row house yesterday
.So, with our 8 suitcases of worldly goods, we are settling into our new home. Small, but confortably furnished, 3/1.5 so we have room for guests. 
     And only $450 plus  est. water $8/mo,  gas $3/week, elect $25/mo.  Oh yes... a weekly maid- $10 for 4 hours. We get to walk every day to the produce mkt, bus stops (bus fare .25) and along the river in front of our house. Cabs are $ 1 to $3.
    Stover loves our small back yard with manicured grass, blooming roses and shrubs. Yes, all taken care of by a monthly visit by the gardener. So, half the income, but a staff of two and a personal driver (taxi).
   We have to allow more time for most things, but this is an improvement - more time to reflect and enjoy our new environment.
Daily we are amazed at the warmth and friendliness of the Cuancanos here. Our neighbors are a family of doctors. Dad is an internist and son a pediatrician. Other neighbors are friendly with their minimal English and our poco espanol.
  We went to church with Billl McDonald and Edwardo from Unsion TV -nearly all in Spanish, but we are learning. Friday evening was a bilingual home church led by a couple from So Africa.  We enjoyed sharing The Great Exchange (II Cor 5 ) and meeting several folks.
  We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  See ya in March 2011.
                              Confused but learning,
                                  and... rejoicing,
                                                  Gary & Sue