Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Tea

What if we'd never come to Cuenca?  If so, we would not have met the beautiful ladies who came to our apartment Friday, May 10th.  They came because they were invited to be honored at a tea for Mother's Day.  With colors of purple and yellow, chocolate mocha cake (by Gary Huddleston) and Sue's carrot cake, lemonade punch made with vanilla ice cream, background music, the festivity began.
What happens when you bring Ecuadorians and Americans then for a Mother's Day celebration?  Plenty!  Laughter, tears, and joy through sharing stories of our mothers or being a mother.
It was a special time as the ladies shared in both languages - English & Spanish (with translation)!  Yet there is so much the same in both languages and cultures:  hearts, feelings, expressions, and being real! 
Since several daughters attended along with their mothers, there was a special time of their sharing what their mothers mean to them.

Elisa sharing how she in her busyness did not take the time to let her Mom know what she means to her.
And Mom, (Margarita) being deeply touched! 
 And after the second daughter, Caroline shares, it's time for a hug session! 
Margarita, Elisa and Caroline listening as others share their touching stories 
The door opened then for Sarah and her daughter, Dayana to share and have their special time as well!
Sarah shares openly about being a mother!

 Now it's time for Sarah and Dayana to have their hug session!
Tricia is getting ready to be a mother again!  She shared tearfully how watching her 17 month old son develop as a human being, with his little hands and mind.  It's the greatest joy of her life.
What another joy to watch Americans and Ecuadorians intermingle simply as women sharing the same things in life - same struggles, same desires, same hearts!
Of course, we share the same "clowning around!"  Karen and Sue break into dance to the song, "You've Got a Friend in Me," - just like a mother always is - a friend!

There's always a finale to everything - even to the Mother's Day Tea! 
At the end of our tea and special time together, each lady was presented with a handmade chocolate (dark chocolate!) and a song to honor mothers, written by Sue. 
And what about my own mother?  She's in a nursing home in the USA (Alabama) at age 90.  She is special to all of the four children.  This is the hard part about being in Cuenca, Ecuador -
I'm not with my Mom.  But she's in my heart!
So I put together a mother's day tribute for her and all mothers.  Since the file is a little over the limit for blogger, there is a link to YouTube below the next picture if you'd like to view it.
Happy Mother's Day to you, Mom and all mothers everywhere!