Monday, November 29, 2010

Where We Live

Two weeks - that's how long we have now been in Cuenca.  What can possibly happen in two weeks?  Well for one, God provided a place to live - right down the street from where we were staying with friends, Jack & Claudia Johansen.

We moved in our little house five days ago and have been settling in ever since.  Who would ever believe 6 large suitcases, two carry ons, two laptops, a dog, and little bags of this and that (since we've been there) would take some time to unpack.  Yet it did.

But here we are and it feels like home.  Our landlords are gracious and warm.  The husband, Nilo and son, Francisco speak English, and the wife, Ana, a little.  Nonetheless, there's been fine communication exchanged and we're all "happy campers."  Below are pictures of the place.  Stover's happy too.

Where we live for the time being is a 3 bedroom (one bedroom is an office), 1 1/2 bath townhouse like home with wood floors, tile and carpet upstairs.  There's also a loft upstairs - another sleeping area, but it's great for storage of our suitcases and such!

It comes completely furnished right down to the towels, bedspreads, dishes - you name it.  It's a lovely little place and we feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful place to work from as we learn Cuenca and develop our place here.

We've learned where a few stores are - Super Maxi is the best grocery store in town, a little like Ingles Supermarket.  The co-op is right down the street, along with the "lavaderia" (laundrymat).  We are presently getting in a routine, while we return to our learning of Spanish and building of relationships.

There's LOTS to do but it's one day at a time - same as at home.  God leads each step of the way, granting rest in Him as we walk.

One picture needs some explanation - the picture of teacups.  This is especially important for Sue since she has a long held story about teacups and how special they are in her life.  The first time we walked into this place to rent, there on the wall were these teacups.  Hmmm...not a coincidence.   It's kind of neat to go thousands of miles from home and there it is - something magnificent to once again, let us know in reality, how the Lord weaves such details into our lives.

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned as this adventure unfolds!