Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Dog, Stover Speaks! Rrrrrrrruff!

Hi Everyone,

So many of my Masters' friends have asked how I am doing!  Thank you! (Please send me dog treats! My Masters are coming home in March).

Yes, I can roll my "r's" now.  I use to bark, "Ruff."  Now I bark, "Rrrrrrrrruff!"  Pretty cool, huh? I will tell you about my travels and adventure getting to Ecuador.  First, I have now been labeled "Equa-Dog" and a/k/a "Jet Dog!"

It all started with my Masters' decision to sell their home (my comfy dog house) and move to Ecuador. I was overhearing the whole time they didn't know exactly the plan, but had to at least take this step.

So...they made their plans and I just went with the flow.  I knew a lot of "commotion" was being made over me - something about USDA papers, Consolate of Ecuador, shots, vet certification...BUT I just let them handle it all.

However, a week before we were to fly out for Guayquil, I got the bright idea to go after a dog on the other side of the street.  Bang!  I hit by a car!  The noise was so loud, I could almost hear my Doggie Mommy & Daddy’s heart sink.  Down to the ground I went.  To their amazement and even mine,  I bounced right back up. 

Trembling, I ran away in fear - back to the apartment where they were staying.  They could not figure out how in the world I could have been hit by a car, then run to our home.  I heard my Doggie Mommy say she thought I was dead, when I first got hit!

They immediately took me to the vet.  I was supposed to go the next morning anyway for my "official visit" for papers to fly out for Ecuador.

I like our vet.  She is very pretty and sweet.  She checked me out and by then, my back hind legs were vibrating.  She says I was in shock.  Yet she did not find anything broken or fractures.

All I kept hearing was how that it was a miracle I was not hurt badly, or even killed.  Oh, but I was SO sore and shaken up that first night.  Boy, was I ever treated so well.  I am treated well anyway, but that night I got extra special attention!  By the way, reckon there are “Doggie Angels?”

Within a few days I was walking pretty normal on my leg - no limping.  Then the day came.  We left for Atlanta, Georgia to stay with my Masters' friends, Pat & Teresa.  We spent the night with them.  Now they have a cat - and she doesn't like dogs very well.  However, I think she tolerated me quite nicely.

The next day, Mr. Pat took us to the airport.  I was "crowded" into this airline carrier - not quite like my dog crate at home.  I didn't like it very well at first.  My Masters' spent two weeks or more getting me used to it.  They even taught me how to drink out of a bottle instead of a bowl.  Well, it might possibly be because I’m pretty smart and like to obey them!

But that airline carrier - well...not my favorite.  However, I let them put me in it.  I was able to be with them until one hour or so before the JUMBO JET flew.  By this time, I had to go down to security.  Guess where they put me?

I was taken into the bottom of the plane!  Of all things! Fortunately, there were some other animals there or I would have really freaked!  Next thing I know this huge "whatchamacallit" was going up.  Talk about barking!  I couldn't stop.  I didn't know what was happening!  I finally settled down and got use to the roaring noise of the plane, hoping I'd see my Masters again.
The time finally came...I was taken off the plane and taken inside some airport - didn't know where we were, but I was still in the crate - guess that was a good thing!  And there she was - Doggy Mommy staring at me through the door of the carrier saying, "Hi, Stover - it's okay!"

So why didn't they get me out of this thing?  They were not able to, as I later learned, until we got outside of the airport.  After they went through all their "stuff" of getting through immigrations, checking bags again, etc., I finally, finally, got to get out of the carrier.

As soon as I touched my legs on the ground, I realized I couldn't stand on one of them – the same side where I was hit by a car.  My leg was sore all over again!

Now my Masters were really worried!  Oh no!  Was I injured from the ride?  Come to find out - I was just healing from being hit by a car.  By staying in basically the same position for 12 hours, it made my leg sore again!

Later I learned that where I got hit by the car was in the buttocks.  My muscles evidently were very strong from all the hiking and walks my Masters have taken me on, all these years!  This is what made me not get hurt.  Wow, I really am a happy dog.

We got in a van and went to a hotel where we spent the night.  Oh boy, I'm with my Masters again and things are starting to seem normal!  Next day we boarded another van and rode for 3 1/2 hours until we arrived in Cuenca.  I got to be at their feet in the van the whole way up the mountain!  What a wonderful ride!

As you probably know from their other blogs, we stayed with friends, Jack & Claudia, when we first got to Cuenca.  We stayed there for 10 nights.  They have a dog named "Iggy."  Iggy and I are good friends (even though Iggy ate my dog treats!)   I also got in Iggy's food whenever it was on the floor - sometimes Iggy's Master forgot to take his dish up off the floor and before my Masters saw me, I would sneak a snack.

Now they call me "Snack Sneaker!"

After we moved into our casa, things really started "feeling" normal again.  I have eaten the same as at home except now, I get more carrot treats than ever.  I always got to eat vegetables at home, but it seems I do get more!  Carrots are the big one for me - I just love them!

I am meeting new people here in Cuenca, through my Masters, which has always been fun for me.  These people here speak with a funny accent though - not like my Masters.  Oh, but I just love people!

I guess I really am an Equa-Dog now.  And guess what?  I am a bilingual!  Don't believe it? 

Watch the video below!