Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Announcing Great Leads for Services and BREAD!


      ….for all you bread lovers!
Sue has been used to making sourdough bread back in the United States for a number of years.  So we made a mad dash to purchase some of this bread, when we found out who made it and where you could get it.

Branden and Sandra Lenz, owners and operators of a catering center, Villa San Carlos, located
at Remigio Tamariz y Ave Solano (1-85) right across the street from the gas station and next door to the church (in between the construction with huge parking lot)
Phone nos. are:  281 1903       09 847 7668


They make the bread each week.  You can order the bread by email on Tuesdays and pick it up there at the center on Thursdays after 12:30 p.m.  

Be sure to try this delicious bread.  Oh, they have other wonderful items such as vinegar, sea salt, strawberries, lettuces, all of which you will want to try.

Mejores Servicios Médicos

We have had several massages since we have been here but one we feel is unforgettable was with Thom Golden, a registered nurse who performs "foot massages," or better known as reflexology.  We both made an appointment and found it very relaxing, informative, and helpful.  You might want to give Thom a call and ask him about this.    His cellular is:  09 664 9970

We delighted (is this possible?) to experience an incredible trip to the dentist.  If you haven't found a dentist and are a little concerned about getting a good one, we feel we have a "top notch" gal.  She was referred to us by Thom Golden, who kept saying she was just a delight and a "painless dentist!"

Her name is Paula Dominguer and she is located off Solano on Daniel Cordova Toral 1-115 - not hard to find.  We had an appointment last week and found her not only to be of the highest quality professionally, but absolute fun to be with as she worked on our mouths! Gary was in the chair for a comprehensive cleaning and it was only $25.00!   So…if you want a superior and AFFORDABLE dental cleaning and check-up, see Dr. Paula.      09 786 8908