Monday, March 14, 2011

Amazing Crazy Day

Amazing Crazy Day

Time flies when you are having fun - even when you're not always having fun.  Since our last posting, activities have been flurrying with us of every sort.

“Hang on" if you haven't received your stamped passports from Quito.  Overjoyed, we  received  the long-awaited phone call last week declaring our passports had arrived and were in hand at our attorney’s office.  On Friday, we were escorted by Nelson to the Cuenca Censo office.

Surprise! A truck hit a pole earlier that morning and knocked out internet connections in the vicinity.  A small crowd of curious Censo seekers nervously watched computers go up and down while waiting.  Midway in our turn, the computers went down again with half our process completed. So, “ya’ll come back now,” in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, you would have thought going to the Censo office was "old home week."  We actually saw several people we knew.  So while visiting, Gary left his bag unattended in a chair (okay now, everyone in unison “Shame on you, Gary!”).  What happened?  Well, while at the "policia," it was "lifted" into thin air.  Sue's main bag was and is always GLUED TO HER, but we lost our camera, Sue's daytimer, DVD’s and other thingsFortunately, no money or detrimental information was in the bag.  Good news:  Sue gets a new camera!

Moral of the story: No matter where you are, do not leave anything unattended, even at the Police Station!

Amazingly, we not only obtained our Censos that afternoon, but our lengthy negotiations on the purchase of an apartment were completed.  Then, the cozy casa we have been renting the past 4 months was rented to another Carolina couple.  We had just met Bobby and Terri, before leaving that morning.  They wanted a quick occupancy…so we will be roommates for a few days.

Now…to fly home to Atlanta, Fyffe, and Asheville in a week. Yes, a month with family, friends and the IRS.               Oh, the Joy.