Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cell Phone Number Changes

                       Ecuador Cell Phone Number Changes
Did I read the Claro text correctly?    New cell phones may run out of phone numbers.
Sounds like all cell phone numbers will change at the end of September.

Well, our friend Keith clarified with an email today:

To make a call to a phone number in Ecuador starting September 30, 2012:

   BEFORE September 30, 2012 (9 digit cell phone numbers)

   Beginning September 30, 2012 (10 digit cell phone numbers)

 ****For example the cell number 09 462 1234 becomes 099 462 1234 ***

How to make a call from abroad to a phone number?

   BEFORE September 30, 2012 (11 digits)

   Beginning September 30, 2012 (12 digits)
So let's copy down all our phone numbers stored in our cell phones!