Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coopera Deposits & CD's

               COOPERA Deposits and CD's (as they mature)

This information appears on the government website (per Google translate):

According to the payment schedule submitted by the liquidator, as of July 1 members and creditors of the Savings and Credit Cooperative "COOPERA Ltd.", in Liquidation, begin to recover their deposits.During this first phase will be returned deposits partners at time of settlement had balances of up to $ 10,000 (ten thousand dollars) through seventeen points enabled the effect in 11 cities in the provinces of Azuay and Guayas.Information on the dates and places where every member will receive your deposit, will be detailed in the list to be published on the website of the Superintendency of People's Solidarity Economy: order to carry out an orderly process, defined as the return of funds schedule will be made considering the last digit of the identity card or passport, according to the following table:

Payment dates
Monday & Tuesday July 1st July 2nd
Wednesday, 03 July and Thursday July 4
         Friday, 05 July and Monday July 8
 4         Tuesday, 09 July and Wednesday 10
      Thursday July 11 and Friday July 12

  6         Monday July 15 and Tuesday July 16
      Wednesday July 17 and Thursday July 18
      Friday, July 19 and Monday July 22
 9         Tuesday July 23 and Wednesday July 24

   Thursday July 25 and Friday July 26

 Everyone    August 5 Monday to Friday 9 August

As of July 1, will be available to the public telephone service user care (07) 417 73 29, extension 7101 "Co Ltd." in the Clearance and SEPS (02) 3948840 option 1, a through which questions and concerns will be met on this phase of the return.

After this first phase report on the process for depositors and members with balances over $ 10,000

The Superintendency of People's Solidarity Economy safeguard the stability, robustness, transparency and proper functioning of the organizations of popular and solidarity economy.

    That is all we know for now....