Saturday, June 2, 2012


                                                RETIRING MISSIONARIES

On Friday, Sue and I wandered below the clouds to the El Maiz restaurant for our Friday lunch date together.   Immediately, we encountered two lively, lovely, lady retired missionaries from Midland Texas.  Judith and Kay had their first assignment in Quito twenty years ago. Then their ministry took them to India, Indonesia and finally returned to Texas to care for aging family members.

They plan to move to Cuenca in September, so we all enjoyed sharing our pilgrimages and ideas.  We introduced them to “South of Zero” and our eBook,  Thriving in Ecuador. 

Judith, left - Kay, right

On Saturday, they joined us for a snack at our home.  They had many questions about Cuenca real estate and culture.

Meeting them was a fresh reminder of the challenges in moving to Ecuador. Thanks to the many bloggers who generously share their experiences and lessons for the newcomers.

What a joy to have a divine encounter during our slow date day!