Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Thriving in Ecuador" ebook

                                                       Thriving in Ecuador
                                                Visiting and Living in Ecuador

It's coming next week!  Here 'tis...

We present a crisp, clear, informative, time-saving narrative guide to Cuenca and Ecuador.

What we urgently wished for during our initial visit and first few months in the "Land of Eternal Spring" is now yours for $2.99.  Yep, three bucks on Amazon.

Over 40 short, fast moving, easy-to-read chapters, reducing a year's research to an organized and efficient planning tool.

We cover how, when, why, and where to come. Topics include culture, climate, entertainment, money saving and budget ideas. Shortcuts to travel, medical tourism, real estate, banking, health insurance, legal issues, safety and "gringo street-smart" are covered. We even embraced the "Disadvantages" and "Who Should Not Come."

May our ebook save you ciento horas - a hundred hours~
          Until next week,
                            Gary & Sue Gaither